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4 Most Used CONJUNCTIONS in Spanish

Updated: Mar 4

How to correctly connect words, phrases, and clauses using Y, O, PERO, and NI in Spanish.

Man guessing how to use conjunctions in Spanish

In Spanish, “Y”, “O”, “PERO”, and “NI” are conjunctions used to connect words, phrases, or clauses…, always within a specific context:

Y (and)

Connects words, phrases, or clauses to express addition or continuation.

- Juan y María son amigos.

- Juan and María are friends.

O (or)

Presents an alternative or indicates a choice between options.

- ¿Quieres café o té?

- Do you want coffee or tea?

PERO (but)

Contrasts or introduces a contradiction between two ideas.

- Me gusta estudiar, pero no tengo tiempo.

- I like to study, but I don't have time.

NI (neither... nor)

Connects elements in a negative context, indicating that none of the options or conditions mentioned is true.

- No me gusta ni el fútbol ni el baloncesto.

- I don't like neither soccer nor basketball.

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To use them correctly, consider the context of your sentence and choose the appropriate conjunction to convey the intended meaning.

Also, as a phonetic exception, keep in mind that the choice between “O” and “U”, and between “Y” and “E” depends on the sound that follows…

For example, instead of “O”, you should use “U” before words that begin with an “O sound”; and instead of “Y”, you should use “E” before words that begin with a “Y / I sound”:

- Independencia y Libertad


- Libertad e Independencia


- Orgullo o Inteligencia Emotiva


- Inteligencia Emotiva u Orgullo

I hope this will be useful for you, as well as for other people reading this blog 🙂

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