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If you are a PREMIUM +Plus student, you already have Individual Sessions included in your course.

You can book your sessions from your account.

All you need to accelerate your learning

 Focus on YOUR goals.

Book whenever you want: Availability >

 Reschedule or cancel flexibly, in 2 clicks.

Choose your individual sessions package:
*Sales Tax/VAT already  INCLUDED .

60-minute sessions > Maximum efficiency


Spanish Sessions

60 min.

$30 / each

Total in USD 150


Spanish Sessions

60 min.

$25 / each

Total in USD 250


Spanish Sessions

60 min.

$20 / each

Total in USD 400

40-minute sessions > Best value for money


Spanish Sessions

40 min.

$25 / each

Total in USD 125


Spanish Sessions

40 min.

$20 / each

Total in USD 200


Spanish Sessions

40 min.

$15 / each

Total in USD 300

As soon as you choose your individual sessions package, you will have access to your personal account, with the calendar to book them.


So you can start scheduling your sessions right away as you see fit, with extreme flexibility.

Accepted payment methods

🔒 Every payment is a secure payment,

      128-bit SSL encrypted.

Spanish Teachers
Spanish Teachers - Claudio

Professional Spanish Coach


Native Speaker:




I know how important is to learn a language fast. In my experience I have worked with companies like Google, Ebay, PayPal and many others. I've been an examiner for a well-known Spanish language certification, and I've helped hundreds of people to speak Spanish. Now I want to help you too :)

Areas of Expertise:

Conversation, General Spanish, Spanish for Tourism and Business, University Exams, DELE.

Public Speaking, Business Communication, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Project Management, HR.

Spoken Languages:

Spanish (mother tongue), English, Italian.

Master Reiki (Usui Healing Method), Master in Akashic Records Reading.


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Answers to the most frequently asked questions


How exactly does the booking process work?

Fast and easy. From your account, choose the day and time you want and book your Spanish sessions online. You will receive an email with a link that will take you directly to the virtual classroom (ZOOM).

At the time of your scheduled session, press that link and wait for your Spanish coach to arrive. Then..., enjoy your session! :)

How do individual sessions work?

Individual Spanish Sessions are designed to give you the ability to customize your online Spanish course by focusing on a topic that is particularly useful to YOU.


During these Spanish sessions, you'll talk even more than you do on the BlaBlaCLUB and solve any questions you may have, without sharing YOUR time and the Spanish coach attention with anyone else.


Each individual session is all - and only - for YOU.

Do individual sessions have a specific day and time?

You can book your individual Spanish sessions on the day you want, at the time you want, within the Spanish coach time availability: Days and Times HERE >

Can I buy extra sessio, in addition to those I find included in the Complete Course?

Yes, if you want and if you really need it, you can buy packages of 5, 10, or 20 individual Spanish sessions as often as you want.


You can purchase your EXTRA individual Spanish sessions directly from the, website, and you can access the using your phone, tablet or PC/Mac.

Can I reschedule an individual session already booked?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your previously booked individual Spanish sessions 24 hours before the start of each session.

You can do this whenever you want (on your own), so you won't lose your individual Spanish sessions if you change your plans.

If a session is about to start within 24 hours, it CANNOT be rescheduled to a new time or cancelled.

What happens if I don't show up or if I'm not polite?

  • If - for any reason - you are not present at your pre-booked individual Spanish session, this session will be considered LOST for you (we will wait for you online for up to 10 minutes).

  • If - for any reason - you are late, the minutes elapsed between the scheduled start time of your session and the time you showed up will be considered LOST. We are not required to continue the session beyond the official end time.

  • If - for any reason - you are not polite during a session, we may terminate your participation at any time. This session will be considered LOST for you.

  • Any individual Spanish sessions you have missed, in whole or in part, are not subject to any type of refund under any circumstances or for any reason.

  • This is necessary in order to provide you with a better and well organized service! We hope you will understand. Enjoy your individual Spanish sessions ;)

How many Spanish sessions can I book?

You can book as many Spanish sessions as you want, within your package of 5, 10, or 20 individual Spanish sessions.


If you are enrolled in PREMIUM +Plus, you already have Individual Sessions included in your course. The perfect balance is to book an individual Spanish session every time you complete 1 unit on the learning platform.

Woman booking a Spanish lesson online
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