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Girl thinking about our mission, vision and values

Mission, Vision, and Values


Our deepest beliefs

  • People can always become a better version of themselves and improve their lives

  • Creativity is one of our most powerful ways of personal expression and self-realization

  • With balance, coherence and focus in our lives, everyone can create economic growth and wealth

  • Cooperation, coherence and compassion are the foundation for comprehensive evolution in every area of our lives

  • Sustainability and respect for the environment and people are the basis for a healthy economic growth

Affiliate Program

  • The best program in the industry.

  • Increase your growth, get results, and create the life that you want to live.

  • If you want to, you can!


Our Daily Life

  • Create and offer the BEST Online Spanish Courses on the market, to improve both your ability to interact effectively with other people and your integration into an increasingly globalized and multilingual world.

  • Create a sense of interconnectedness, responsibility and solidarity among human beings

  • Help create happiness and self-realization in the lives of our students through our online Spanish courses and classes

One Tree Planted x

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • By choosing an online Spanish course from you're planting trees!

Woman smiling and thinking about our vision


The future we feel is real - NOW -

  • We see a world in which global communication and cooperation, compassion, love, creativity, and self-realization can lead us toward a global consciousness and a peaceful, evolved humanity

  • We see a world in which we are aware of both our inner and physical worlds

  • We see a world where we live sustainably, with balance and coherence in our lives, and respect for the environment and all life in the Universe

How do you see the world?

We strongly believe that our physical world (and everything that happens in it, in every area of our lives) is a reflection of our deepest beliefs, conscious and unconscious. Thus, we can say that our daily life, our physical reality, is continually created by us..., as a reflection of our inner world.

As intelligent beings that we humans are, we are able to modify our personal and deepest beliefs, simply by choosing which thoughts and emotions we want to consciously activate, have in our minds and feel in our hearts.

These thoughts and emotions become our new beliefs, our new values.


When we align our thoughts with our emotions - when we apply coherence between our mind and our heart - we are creating our physical reality and everything in our lives..., we are creating our present life, what we actually do every day, as a reflection of these new beliefs.

We can perceive our personal vision of the life we want as something to be achieved in the future (so nothing real in the present moment), or... we can start from the outcome: Feeling gratitude in our heart because that vision is already here, it is already our reality, perfectly coherent with our thoughts and emotions, now. It is the concrete materialization of our new deepest beliefs and the direct result of our actions, in accordance with those beliefs. Timeless, it simply exists.

In this way, we can create the basis of our entire existence in this life through our values. We can create our daily physical reality as a reflection of those values, and we can become in our hearts - now - what we want to achieve in the future (which becomes the present moment) by aligning our emotions with our thoughts and starting directly from the outcome. So your vision can become your daily reality.

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