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Spanish BlaBlaCLUB

UNLIMITED classes to speak Spanish, meet other people from around the world, and learn while having fun.

How to introduce yourself, break the ice and meet new people

Como presentarte, romper el hielo y conocer nuevas personas.

How to introduce yourself, break the ice, and meet new people.

Level: Elementary - A1

When: Days and Times HERE

If you are a PREMIUM or PREMIUM +Plus student, you have 24 months of Spanish BlaBlaCLUB already included in your course. Login to access it.


Start enjoying yourself while speaking Spanish:

✔ UNLIMITED 45-min. Classes > Join free for 7 days. Cancel anytime.

✔ Max. 6 participants per class. Book whenever you want - Days and Times HERE >

✔ Native speaker teacher with 15+ years of experience - Profile HERE >

1 month


per month

Monthly subscription:

  • 45-minute LIVE classes, unlimited for 1 month

  • Book as much and when you want - Days & Times >

  • Cancel anytime

Save 40%

3 months


every 3 months

Three-month subscription:

  • 45-minute LIVE classes, unlimited for 3 months

  • Book as much and when you want - Days & Times >

  • Cancel anytime

Save 60%

6 months


every 6 months

Six-month subscription:

  • 45-minute LIVE classes, unlimited for 6 months

  • Book as much and when you want - Days & Times >

  • Cancel anytime

As soon as you choose your subscription, you will have access to your personal account, with your classes and the calendar to book them.


So you can immediately start planning your path as you see fit, to speak and to practice a lot.

How many LIVE classes can I attend?

You can attend as many classes as you want, included in the subscription of your choice. With no booking limit. Each online class can accommodate from 1 to 6 students, nice and motivated... ;)

What are the times of the LIVE classes?

BlaBlaCLUB: 2-4 Classes available per day, MONDAY to FRIDAY

When to book - Days and Times HERE

What levels are available?

Elementary (A1), Intermediate (A2-B1), and Advanced (B2-C1). If you have never studied Spanish before or if you don't feel fluent enough yet, start with the Elementary level. If you're already fluent, try the Intermediate level and also the Advanced. Your subscription gives you immediate access to all levels.

After your first conversation class, and even along the way, our Spanish teacher can guide you to your ideal level. If you want to be SUPER sure before your first booking..., book a FREE One-on-One Lesson to assess your level.

People booking a free lesson


Book a FREE One-on-One Spanish Lesson and get the answers!

With our Native Speaker Teacher - Zoom

Spanish Teachers - Claudio

Professional Spanish Teacher


Native Speaker:




I know how important is to learn a language fast. In my experience I have worked with companies like Google, Ebay, PayPal and many others. I've been an examiner for a well-known Spanish language certification, and I've helped hundreds of people to speak Spanish. Now I want to help you too :)

Areas of Expertise:

Conversation, General Spanish, Spanish for Tourism and Business, University Exams, DELE.

Public Speaking, Business Communication, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Project Management, HR.

Spoken Languages:

Spanish (mother tongue), English, Italian.

Master Reiki (Usui Healing Method), Master in Akashic Records Reading.


Are you already learning Spanish with us?

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions


How exactly does the booking process work?

Fast and easy. From your account, choose the level, the day/time you want, and book your Spanish classes online. You will receive an email with a link that will take you directly to the virtual class (ZOOM).

At the time of your scheduled class, press that link and wait for your teacher to arrive. Then..., enjoy your class and speak a lot in Spanish! :)

How do the BlaBlaCLUB Classes work?

The BlaBlaCLUB (Spanish Conversation Classes) is designed to give you the opportunity to become FLUENT in Spanish by focusing on conversation.


During these classes, you will speak Spanish with the teacher and with other students who are interested in learning Spanish like you. In this way, speaking Spanish with other people (and not just with your teacher) will become natural for you.

You can use the BlaBlaCLUB to learn Spanish, to practice everything you are already learning on the learning platform, and to solve any doubts you may have about the Spanish language and its application in real life.

Does the BlaBlaCLUB have a specific day and time?

You can join the BlaBlaCLUB (Spanish conversation classes) whenever you want, within the range of days and times offered on our site. Normally there are at least 4 classes available per day, from Monday to Friday (morning and evening).

Can I buy extra classes?

Yes, you can purchase your EXTRA Spanish lessons (One-on-One and Conversation Classes) directly from the website, and you can attend your classes using your phone, tablet or PC/Mac.

Can I reschedule an already booked BlaBlaCLUB?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your previously booked Conversation Classes at ANY time before the start of each class, directly from the confirmation email that you have received upon booking.

By cancelling classes on time, you give others a chance to attend and don't commit your teacher's time to nothing.

What happens if I am not polite?

  • If - for any reason - you are late, the minutes that have elapsed between the time your class was scheduled to begin and the time you showed up are considered LOST. The teacher is not required to continue the class beyond the official end time.

  • If - for any reason - you are not polite during a class, the teacher may terminate your participation at any time. This class will be considered LOST for you.

  • This is necessary in order to provide you with a better, well-organized service! We hope you can understand. Enjoy your conversation classes ;)

How many Spanish classes can I book?

You can book as many Spanish classes as you want, within your subscription.

If you are a PREMIUM or PREMIUM +Plus student, you already have 24 months of BlaBlaCLUB included. The perfect balance is to book a class every time you complete a topic on the learning platform.

Man booking a Spanish conversation class
Want to become fluent in Spanish?
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