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Learn and SPEAK in one course, from Zero to HERO:

Complete Course & Conversation Classes. You will be 100% fluent in Spanish.

Spanish Course Online

Complete Spanish Course

  • All levels in one course.

ZERO to Advanced (CEFR C1)

  • Monthly or Annual Membership (Cancel ANYTIME).

  • Free Updates - more content - every 6-12 months.

  • 100+ Video Lessons: Your daily dose of Spanish. Over 100 video lessons will guide you from basics to advanced topics, covering everything you need - Lessons are Engaging, Clear, Concise, and Fun.

  • Summary Quizzes: To immediately ground each new concept and monitor your progress.

  • Grammar & Vocabulary Sheets: A summary of all KEY content, right after each video lesson (Spanish & English - DOWNLOADABLE).

  • Graded Reading Materials (+ Audio 🎧) with reading & listening comprehension exercises.

  • AUDIO 🎧 Version of the Course: Enhance your pronunciation, listening comprehension, and real-world understanding by immersing yourself in our audio content. You can listen to it like a Podcast.

  • Learning Support: Should you ever have questions or need guidance, our online chat support is available, connecting you with Spanish teachers for direct assistance 

  • Spanish Level Certificate: Quizzes & Content Completed.

  • The course covers everything you must know - General Grammar, Verb Tenses, Vocabulary, and Practical Use: Everyday Life, Travel, Work, and Communication in Different Environments (Professional & Informal).

Spanish Exercises Online


Engaging Practice with Intelligent Interactive Exercises
 With Immediate Explanations 🚀


Spanish Conversation Class

Spanish BlaBlaCLUB

  • Spanish Conversation Classes


  • Access to all 3 levels: Elementary - Intermediate - Advanced

  • 45-minute Classes: 1 to 6 students per class, nice and motivated ;)

  • 384 Classes available per YEAR, Monday through Thursday

When to book - Times HERE

  • Join our live group classes and interact with both instructor and fellow learners, gaining real-world speaking experience and building the confidence to hold conversations in Spanish.


You'll have access to both our Open Discussions (without a predefined topic) and Topic-specific Conversations, that you can check HERE:

How to introduce yourself, break the ice and meet new people.

Como presentarte, romper el hielo y conocer nuevas personas.

How to introduce yourself, break the ice, and meet new people.

Level: Elementary - A1

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With all levels in one course and 384 live classes available per year, it is impossible for you not to become 100% fluent (fluent for real) in Spanish:

Monthly Membership

Complete Course

With all levels & content included

Zero > Advanced (C1 CEFR)


Conversation Classes

 32 Classes  available per MONTH

(1 to 6 students per class)




Billed monthly.


Annual Membership

Complete Course

With all levels & content included

Zero > Advanced (C1 CEFR)


Conversation Classes

 384 Classes  available per YEAR

(1 to 6 students per class)

Regular price  $290  




Billed every 12 months.

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"Everything is really easy to use. Videos are really on point and short, grammar is very well explained, the teacher is funny, group sessions are really dynamic and really interesting, and the price is a no-brainer. If you’re looking to improve your Spanish, there’s nothing as good as Elayaa. I am super, super happy about my choice."

Ivano P. | Spanish Student

Invest in your education with a comprehensive, high-quality course.

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