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Feel comfortable speaking Spanish!

Online Spanish Courses, Conversation Classes, and One-on-One Spanish Lessons. Reach fluency in 3 to 6 months, depending on your personal commitment.

Woman learning Spanish online


From Zero to HERO.

All levels included in the same course.

        Learn, Practice, and Speak in Spanish 


Become 100% fluent in Spanish.

Free Spanish lessons


Want a FREE trial? Get started!

Learn for free, at your own pace.

        Your first steps in learning Spanish

        SPEAK and PRACTICE

Often, your first step is the most important.

Online Spanish Test

How good is your Spanish?

Find out with our Online Spanish Test.

We don't promise it will be easy! ;)

We have created the best Spanish lessons, organized them by functional categories, and prepared for you the most complete and practical courses. With which you will be able to SPEAK and learn Spanish quickly.

Complete Spanish course

Complete learning platform to learn Spanish at your own pace.

✔ From ZERO to ADVANCED in one course (100+ lessons)

✔ Exercises and tests to monitor your progress

✔ Grammar and vocabulary notes already prepared for you

✔ Graded Readings + Audio with comprehension exercises

✔ Advanced level certificate upon completion

One-on-One Spanish lessons to focus on YOUR goals and speed up your learning.

✔ Native speaker teacher with 15+ years of experience

✔ Book as much as you like, Monday through Saturday

Reschedule or cancel easily and flexibly from your account

✔ Already included in some Complete Courses

Woman Taking Spanish Lessons
Icona Lezioni di Spagnolo
Man taking Spanish conversation classes
Icona Lezioni di Conversazione in Spagnolo

UNLIMITED Spanish Conversation Classes to become completely fluent while having fun.

✔ Native speaker teacher with 15+ years of experience

✔ Meet people with the same level as you (max. 6 participants)

✔ Book as much as you like, Monday through Friday

✔ Already included in some Complete Courses

Easily access all the content, learn at your own pace and practice with a professional, native Spanish-speaker teacher.

Get started easily

Choose the best course for you: EXPRESS Total, PREMIUM, or PREMIUM +Plus

Smooth and complete learning experience

Use the learning platform to learn the language, and your time with the teacher to clear up any doubts, talk and focus on what's important to YOU.

Concrete and functional results, always...

All the language in one place. Once you enroll, you won't need anything else. You will find all the content and all the lessons included in your course within the platform.

Man learning Spanish fast

"If you want to learn Spanish fast, is the place you need to be".

Practical. Engaging. Complete.

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