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Learning Platform with Shared Access

Select how many people you want to have access to the training at the same time and join us, directly here!

Learning Platform

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All levels in one course.

 ZERO > Advanced (CEFR B2/C1)


Shared Access

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An UNLIMITED number of people can have access to the training using the same shareable account(s).


This is a 12-Month Renewable Payment (not an automatic subscription).

Every 12 months, your company can freely decide whether to continue the training, modify it or cancel it.

Safe Payment

🔒 SSL Encrypted Transaction

Accepted payment methods
7-Day Money-back Guarantee

Contact us within 7 days of your payment.

People looking for the best online Spanish course

Do you need to download the prices of ALL available corporate Spanish courses in a single PDF file?

Within 24 hours after join, you will receive your Access Codes & Passwords - FOR ALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTS CREATED.

You can share all these Access Codes and passwords with ALL your team members, and you can also use them to log in yourself and monitor their progress as often as you like.

People booking a free demo

Do you need a personalized quote, or have any questions?

Can I add 1:1 Spanish lessons for selected students?

Yes, you can ADD 1:1 Lessons at ANY time, and give them to selected students in your Company. They will be able to book as many 1:1 lessons - included in their course(s) - as they want.

What are the times of the LIVE 1:1 lessons?

1:1 Lessons: Students can book as much as they like, MONDAY to SATURDAY

When to book - Availability

Can students reschedule or cancel a LIVE lesson?

Absolutely! Students can reschedule or cancel a live 1:1 lesson they have already booked directly from the confirmation email they receive each time they make a booking, within 24 hours of the start of the lesson they want to reschedule/cancel.

It's an automatic, easy, and VERY fast process (literally 2 clicks).

Spanish Teachers - Claudio

Professional Spanish Coach


Native Speaker:




I know how important is to learn a language fast. In my experience I have worked with companies like Google, Ebay, PayPal and many others. I've been an examiner for a well-known Spanish language certification, and I've helped hundreds of people to speak Spanish. Now I want to help you too :)

Areas of Expertise:

Conversation, General Spanish, Spanish for Tourism and Business, University Exams, DELE.

Public Speaking, Business Communication, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Project Management, HR.

Spoken Languages:

Spanish (mother tongue), English, Italian.

Master Reiki (Usui Healing Method), Master in Akashic Records Reading.

Recommended by Vocal References

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