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How to learn Spanish online fast?

Watch this video and read the article below:

Learn Spanish: Why this Course?
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Are you ready to start learning Spanish

with your FREE Spanish lessons?

You will learn how to SPEAK Spanish.

100% Free. No credit card required.

Smart tips for learning Spanish online

Smart tips for learning Spanish online

  • LEARNING PLATFORM: Access anytime, forever

Use it to learn and improve the language

If you choose to enroll in a COMPLETE Spanish Course with lifetime access, you will be able to access all content for life, from beginner to advanced.

Complete at least 1 unit before booking your LIVE Spanish lessons (100% Online).

You can access the learning platform from your PC, Tablet, or Smartphone 24/7.

  • BlaBlaCLUB: You choose when to book

Use it to focus on conversation and practice everything you are already learning in the learning platform, to clear up any doubts, to socialize, and to TALK (in Spanish!) with other people and with your teacher :)

  • One-on-One Lessons: You choose when to book

Use it to customize your Spanish course, to focus on YOUR specific goals (exam, business, job interview...), and to clear up any doubts, as well as for extra practice and use of the language.


Use the downloadable grammar worksheets to create a structure and reminders for yourself on the more technical aspects of the language.


Use it to increase your listening and reading comprehension skills and vocabulary.


Use it to make sure you know everything you need to know.

With 100+ video lessons, you can focus your time during live classes to SPEAK in Spanish and practice everything you are learning on video. So you can be more efficient and use your time wisely.

Get real results, with a complete Spanish course.

How to start learning right away!

You can start with the FREE Lessons or go directly to the Complete Course.


Your resources to learn Spanish

In this program, we have over 100 video lessons with me, with which you'll go from zero to an advanced level, all in the same course, all in the same place.


Within these video lessons, you'll find everything you need to know to speak Spanish really well, from grammar - always applied in a useful everyday context - to the vocabulary, verbs and communicative expressions you need to use your Spanish effectively and correctly in virtually every situation in your life, from your holidays to a job interview in Spanish.


Here at, we want your Spanish to be truly comprehensive so that you can express yourself and speak in Spanish.


That's why we also include:

  • Conversation-focused online classes, our BlaBlaCLUB, where you can speak in Spanish and practice all the content of the video lessons.

  • One-on-One Online Spanish lessons, so that you can have a moment to focus on you, on your priorities, and so that you can - together with your teacher - customize your Spanish course.



How to take Spanish classes

Whether during conversation classes or one-on-one lessons, you will have plenty of room to talk, because the explanation of the different topics will have already been obtained during the video lessons on the learning platform.


The video lessons are agile, hyper-complete and fun. It is recommended that you watch each video lesson more than once, take notes, and change the subtitles with each viewing.


You can put subtitles in Spanish or your own language to understand every word you hear in Spanish. That's a lot of new vocabulary with each video lesson.


The 100+ video lessons currently available on the learning platform are organized into units. After each video lesson, you'll find several quizzes and activities to practice the topics you've just learned, and anytime - Monday through Saturday - you can access our real-time learning support as you watch the video lessons, so you can ask all your questions. You'll have ongoing support, and you'll be sure you've learned all the content of each video lesson.

How to start learning right away!
Your resources for learning Spanish
How to take Spanish classes
Bonuses for learning Spanish

Bonuses for learning Spanish

In addition to all the teaching through video lessons, conversation classes, one-on-one lessons, exercises, and ongoing learning support, we guarantee our students access to three BONUSES.


  • Graded readings (+AUDIO) at the end of each unit, with comprehension exercises and increasingly specific vocabulary as you progress through the platform.

  • A test at the end of each unit to make sure you've really understood and learned all the topics in each unit.

  • Downloadable grammar worksheets that you can find throughout the platform, with all the grammar, with all the exceptions and with all the examples - of ALL topics - from zero to an advanced level. This is a great bonus!

Continuous learning support for better learning

In addition to accessing ongoing learning support and participating in live lessons, another way to get answers along the way is to write a comment under each video lesson, exercise, or grammar worksheet - or read others' comments - you'll always get a response.


Time to access the learning platform

We publish new exercises and exclusive content on the platform each year, so that your learning is always more complete.


In addition to the constantly growing content, the best part is that you can choose to have access to all of this and more for the rest of your life. With a lifetime access, there's only an initial cost and you'll have access to all the current and future content forever.


You can watch the video lessons and do activities on the platform at your own pace and as often as you like, from your phone, tablet or computer, and you can join the BlaBlaCLUB and book your One-on-One Lessons whenever you like.


So whether you're a beginner with zero Spanish knowledge or an advanced student who wants to improve, speak and practice your Spanish, this program will benefit you greatly.



Do you want to learn Spanish and reach your goals?

The main rule for reaching your goals is: Do what you love, invest in yourself and focus your energy on achieving what you want to achieve (without getting lost in other distractions, no matter how "pushy" they are).


Your focus is everything. Your energy goes where your focus goes, and so does your life.

Only you can make sure that, through your focus, your life and the achievement of your goals intersect. It is not enough to "wish", you must believe you can do it and you must take action.


If one of your goals is to learn and improve your Spanish, can help you achieve them quickly, without wasting months or years on YouTube and without spending mountains of money on traditional language schools with an infinite number of courses and levels.


To reach your goals you have to invest in yourself, and the most valuable resource you have in your life is not money..., it's your time! So, use it well!


In any case, to learn to speak Spanish correctly, naturally and fluently, you must have the opportunity to speak Spanish while learning the language.


With you'll take a course - from zero to hero - from absolute beginner to advanced, all in one comprehensive course.


You'll speak a lot of Spanish and be able to assimilate it all in at least 6 months if you have a strong focus...


And if you don't want to rush, remember that you'll have access to everything for life..., so you can take your time if you want.


The most important thing is that you have the opportunity to speak Spanish while you learn, because it's only by speaking that your Spanish becomes real.


You won't master a language if you can't speak fluently in that language, and the only way to learn to speak Spanish well is to actually speak it.


So, don't be shy and start speaking Spanish with me :)

Why this course to learn Spanish and not others?

  • In addition to the Complete Learning Platform, you will also have the opportunity to SPEAK and practice with the teacher during the BlaBlaCLUB and focus on your goals during your One-on-One Lessons.

  • You will use your time wisely: Take all the time you need to learn grammar, vocabulary, useful expressions, etc. on the learning platform and practice all this knowledge during your Live Lessons with the teacher. In this way, you will speak and have an active role during the Live Lessons (unlike a traditional group course, with a teacher/tutor on Skype, or with a common app).

  • You can choose to access it forever (Lifetime Access): So you can follow your Spanish lessons, do different learning activities, and enjoy the new content that is published and updated (always new and more advanced and updated Spanish Lessons, Smart Quizzes, Graded Readings, Text/Audio Comprehension Exercises, Summary Tests, Grammar and Vocabulary Worksheets, and more...)

  • Every Spanish lesson on the learning platform is supported by clear, logical and summarizing Grammar and Vocabulary Worksheets, which you can also DOWNLOAD.

  • All video lessons are supported by Graphic Animations designed to make learning even the most difficult topics easier.

  • This is an online Spanish course with certificate: After completing the entire Spanish course you will receive an Advanced Level Certificate.

  •'s online Spanish courses are so engaging and useful that we would participate in them ourselves if it wasn't already our language :)

If you have any questions, simply email us at or contact us using the site chat. You'll get all your questions answered quickly.


Whatever you decide to do, remember to do what makes you happy, achieve your goals, invest in yourself, and if you want to learn Spanish, and especially if you want to learn to speak fluent Spanish, you can do that here!


Thank you for your time and happy studying!


Ongoing learning support for better learning
Access time to the learning platform
Do you want to learn Spanish and achieve your goals?
Why this course to learn Spanish and not others?

Do you want to learn Spanish fast?

Start today with the FREE Spanish Lessons or learn more about the COMPLETE Courses.

You'll love your learning experience!

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