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1:1 Spanish Lessons

Buy lessons and give them freely to your staff, within 12 months.

Shared use guaranteed

Your company can purchase a package of lessons whenever it deems necessary, and decide freely how and when to distribute these lessons among the staff.

Students can use 1:1 lessons as a business consultation in Spanish, with a personalized focus on ANY topic, such us:

How to break the ice and establish trust during business trips (cross-cultural focus).

How to manage talks and negotiations in Spanish effectively.

How to manage presentations, meetings, and international trade shows using the Spanish language.

1:1 Lessons

One-time payment. Ready to be shared.

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Students can Book, Cancel, or Reschedule quickly and easily (literally 2 clicks).

Flexible booking, MON to SAT

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Professional Native Speaker Teacher

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This is a One-time Payment, with 12 months (from purchase) to use your corporate lessons.

Students will be able to book, cancel, or reschedule directly by themselves, quickly and easily.

Safe Payment

🔒 SSL Encrypted Transaction

Accepted payment methods
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Do you need to download the prices of ALL available corporate Spanish courses in a single PDF file?

Within 24 hours after your purchase, you will receive your Access Codes & Passwords - FOR ALL YOUR CORPORATE 1:1 SPANISH LESSONS.

You can give one or more Access Codes and Passwords to each individual you want to have access to 1:1 lessons.

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Do you need a personalized quote, or have any questions?

How exactly does the booking process work?

Fast and easy. From the corporate account, students can choose the day and time they want and book their Spanish lessons online. They will receive an email with a link that will take them directly to the virtual classroom (ZOOM).

At the time of their scheduled lesson, they have to press that link and wait for their teacher to arrive. Then..., they just have to enjoy the lesson! :)

Can students reschedule a 1:1 lesson already booked?

Absolutely! Students can reschedule or cancel a live 1:1 lesson they have already booked directly from the confirmation email they receive each time they make a booking, within 24 hours of the start of the lesson they want to reschedule/cancel.

It's an automatic, easy, and VERY fast process (literally 2 clicks).

If a lesson is about to start within 24 hours, it CANNOT be rescheduled to a new time or cancelled.

What happens if a student don't show up or if they are not polite?

  • If - for any reason - a student is not present at a pre-booked 1:1 Spanish lesson, this lesson will be considered LOST (the teacher will wait online for up to 10 minutes).

  • If - for any reason - a student is late, the minutes elapsed between the scheduled start time of the lesson and the time they showed up will be considered LOST. The teacher is not required to continue the lesson beyond the official end time.

  • If - for any reason - a student is not polite during a lesson, the teacher may terminate their participation at any time. This lesson will be considered LOST.

  • All 1:1 Spanish lessons the company has missed, in whole or in part, are not subject to any type of refund under any circumstances or for any reason.

  • This is necessary in order to provide you with a better and well organized service! We hope you will understand. Enjoy your corporate one-on-one lessons ;)

1:1 Corprate Lessons - Spanish Teacher
Spanish Teachers - Claudio

Professional Spanish Coach


Native Speaker:




I know how important is to learn a language fast. In my experience I have worked with companies like Google, Ebay, PayPal and many others. I've been an examiner for a well-known Spanish language certification, and I've helped hundreds of people to speak Spanish. Now I want to help you too :)

Areas of Expertise:

Conversation, General Spanish, Spanish for Tourism and Business, University Exams, DELE.

Public Speaking, Business Communication, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Project Management, HR.

Spoken Languages:

Spanish (mother tongue), English, Italian.

Master Reiki (Usui Healing Method), Master in Akashic Records Reading.

Recommended by Vocal References

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